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Who are we?
Written by ReikokuKo   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007 22:36

What the hell? Where am I? What is this site? Who are you guys? Wait, what is that? What are you going to do? No! Don't! Stop! What are you doing!? Don't do that!

*SMACK* head hurts....oh shit...where am I?

 Welcome to BLAH....

This is a  manga scanslations group (if you don't know what that is, you'd better leave or Google it or something...) that was started by HuhWhat and ReikokuKo who thought it would be easy. Boy were they wrong. They picked out projects and accumulated a lot of staff which gave them the impression that they were doing good, but all of our staff were lazy (except for ReikokuKo who was busy translating Chapter 1 of Kaede Typhoon which did not even get released).

It wasn’t until recently that BLAH went through a “cleansing” which got rid of all the lazy staff members. which left them with 2 staff members -_-;; (Guess who?!)

But they are actually going to release a project soon. That was only something they could dream of with the old BLAH. Hopefully they can recruit non-lazy staff members along the way ^_^

….and to those who were a part of the old Blahsoft…^_^(^)

So that sums it up for what they do, but still doesn't answer what BLAH is.  To this day, no one knows the meaning of BLAH or what it stands for.  There have been many guesses and theories as to the meaning of BLAH, but very few people alive today know and if wind of any of these people reach HuhWhat or ReikokuKo, they will be "silenced permanently."

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