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090 Ekoto Issho
Written by ReikokuKo   
Thursday, 18 October 2007 18:17

Title: 090 Eko to Issho
Mangaka:Asakura Maru
Summary: Coming Soon.
Volume 1
1st Call - I Bought a Cell Phone
2nd Call - Should Be Picky About Design
3rd Call - Want to Carry Around a Phone and Be Carried
4th Call - Warning About Sending and Receiving Messages
5th Call - If You Get a Phone Brag to Your Friends
6th Call - Let's Pick a Ringtone
7th Call - Let's Send a Call to Eko
8th Call - Payment Swindler Prevention
9th Call - More People are Entering the Phone Picture Contest
10th Call - Let's Try to Make My Phone Not Too Popular
11th Call - If Your Phone Gets Taken Away, Try to Get it Back
12th Call - Note About How Much You Use Your Phone!
13th Call - Spam Mail Keeps Coming
14th Call - Scared About Illegal Remodelings
Volume 2
15th Call - A Cell Phone is Surprisingly Sturdy
16th Call -
17th Call - Call: Always Keep Your Cell With You
18th Call - Showercaps are Bad for a Cell
19th Call -
20th Call - Test Your Cell Occasionally
21st Call - Good Cellphones, Bad Cellphones
22nd Call - Don't Forget to Bring Your Cell When You Travel
23rd Call - First in the World! This is What Happens When You Dip a Cell in the Hot Springs!
24th Call - It's Not Always Good to Have a Small Cell
25th Call - Know the Sex of Your Cell
26th Call - Light-speed Mail Delivery
27th Call - Loved Over the Cellular Call
28th Call - Turn Your Cell off Before You Tell Someone That You Love Them
29th Call -
Volume 3
30th Call - Please do not allow your cell phone to jump out of line
31th Call - Please do not bring your cell phone with you to a waterfall
32th Call - Please bring cell phones for your important family members
33th Call - Please refrain from feeding your cell phone
34th Call - Perhaps this is the way to buy a cell phone
35th Call - This is not a cell phone
36th Call - Does a cell phone need a name
37th Call - Please take notice when using a PHS
38th Call - No matter how cute the PHS is, You must teach it properly
39th Call - Eko VS. Nano
40th Call - No Matter How Many Times You Change it, The Pain is Not Erasable.
41st Call - Please Note! Cell Phones and Bodies Shouldn't be Overused!
42st Call - Ring Tones and Sudden Realizations all come Suddenly
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