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Written by ReikokuKo   
Friday, 19 October 2007 16:32
Downloads - Rubbers 7
Title: Rubbers Seven
Mangaka: Sukune Inugami
Summary: Welcome to Rubbers 7, a small Japanese convenience store with a reputation for some odd owners. Rumors of mob connections and one rather eccentric boss with a passion for Ping-pong tend to keep business low. But when a young, quiet girl is framed for shoplifting and ends up working for the store, can her touch, with the help of her unusual coworkers, including a shy boy and a drag queen, turn the fortune of the store around?
Volume 1

Serve 1 - Welcome Ping Pong
Serve 2 - The Moment the Heart Begins to Move
Serve 3 - What Are You Learning At School?
Serve 4 - A Boy and a Girl
Serve 5 - The Moon is the Queen of the Merciless Night
Serve 6 - Fate of Feelings
Serve 7 - Beyond Desire
Serve 8 - The Final Weapon--Older Sister
Volume 2

Serve 9 - Older Sister Knows
Serve 10 - Triangle
Serve 11 - Two One-sided Loves
Serve 12 - I Run and Feel High
Serve 13 - A Serious Place to Chat for People in their 30's
Serve 14 - The Feeling of Sitting in a Flower Garden
Serve 16 - Baby Cat
Volume 3

Serve 17 - Sister, Go Easy On Me
Serve 18 - The Night Before the Battle
Serve 19 - Misfortune
Serve 20 - A Dog Losing to the Moon
Serve 21 - Coup d'Etat
Serve 22 - Under My Skin
Serve 23 - Adult Tears for a Child's Fears
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